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USMTS to Red Dirt Raceway

USMTS to Red Dirt Raceway

USMTS(United States Modified Touring Series to Red Dirt Raceway for FIRST TIME EVER on Friday, May 13th! Tickets available at the link below

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  • Red Dirt Raceway
  • 990871 S. HWY 18
  • Meeker, OK 74855
  • 4053180198

Red Dirt Raceway is set to go racing this weekend!


Red Dirt Raceway6/24/2022Sport Modifieds/B-Mods
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/24/2022Factory Stocks
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/24/2022Hornets/Tuners
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/24/2022Turf Tire Micros
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/24/2022OCRS Sprints
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/3/2022Sport Modifieds/B-Mods
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/3/2022Factory Stocks
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/3/2022Hornets/Tuners
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/3/2022Non-Wing Micros
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway6/3/2022Dwarf
Full Results


Sport Modifieds/B-Modsas of 6/24/2022
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Factory Stocksas of 6/24/2022
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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
Opening Night 2022 with the Sooner Late Model Series
Jim Cullip (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)5th--8th
Factory Stock Fight Night Chapter VI...*Mid-America Factory Stock Event*
Jim Cullip (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)7th--12th
The 6th Annual Fallen Hero 50 with the USMTS presented by RacinDirt.TV
Jim Cullip (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)9th--12th
Summer Sizzler II - FREE Snow Cones
Jim Cullip (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)8th--12th

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