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KARTING at Red Dirt Raceway

KARTING at Red Dirt Raceway

First Ever KART Event Just Completed at Red Dirt Raceway Kart Track!

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  • Red Dirt Raceway
  • 990871 S. HWY 18
  • Meeker, OK 74855
  • 4053180198

Red Dirt Raceway is set to go racing this weekend!


Red Dirt Raceway10/16/2021Sport Modifieds/B-Mods
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway10/16/2021Pure Stock
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway10/16/2021Hornets/Tuners
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway10/16/2021Non-Wing Micros
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway10/16/2021OCRS Sprints
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway9/25/2021Sport Modifieds/B-Mods
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway9/25/2021Pure Stock
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway9/25/2021Hornets/Tuners
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway9/25/202165cc Flattrack Motorcycle
Full Results
Red Dirt Raceway9/25/2021Turf Tire Micros
Full Results


Sport Modifieds/B-Modsas of 10/16/2021
Full Points
Pure Stockas of 10/16/2021
Full Points

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Gene Parvin

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
Opening Night - 2021 (First points race)
Gene Parvin (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)4th--7th
Sport Mod/B-Mod Shootout + Meeker FREE Night
Gene Parvin (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)2nd--7th
8th Annual Mark Robinson Memorial - FINALE
Gene Parvin (Sport Modifieds/B-Mods)3rd--10th

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